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Lena Liu Collector Plates

Born in Taiwan in 1951, Lena Liu remains one of the most popular artists of the Collector Plate market. She was painting at an early age in Taiwan and later graduated from the School of Architecture and Design in New York. 

Lena Liu’s special skill follows the ancient and demanding Oriental technique of water colour painted directly on silk. She hand grinds many of her water colours and her unique style is “distinguished by freedom of movement, subtlety of colour, and a quality of tranquility”. She has gained many honours and awards during exhibits and her original works are collected around the world. 

Some of her most famous Collector Plate series are: Symphony of Shimmering Beauty, a collection of garden flowers; Basket Bouquets, a collection of bouquets in straw baskets; Hummingbird Treasury featuring 8 different hummingbirds species; Floral Greetings, an example of Lena Liu painting in the round; On Gossamer Wings, a collection of butterflies and Flower Fairies featuring tiny fairies flitting among beautiful flowers. 

Lena Liu continues to live and work in the United States

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Nature's Poetry 
On Wings of Snow 
Basket Bouquets    

Floral Cameos

Beautiful Gardens  -  OUT OF STOCK


Symphony of Shimmering Beauty
Hummingbird Treasury 
Floral Greetings 

On Gossamer Wings

Flower Fairies




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