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Replacement Crystal Patterns 

Because glass is such a wide and diverse subject, we have separated Modern 21st Century Crystal from other glass in this web site and hope it makes it easier for you to locate a particular pattern of collectible or discontinued crystal.    We are adding to it frequently so please continue to visit this site.

Technically crystal is molten glass with a lead content to clarify the glass, to give it weight and resonance.  And sufficient thickness to the shape allows craftspeople to wheel cut fascinating and elegant patterns into the body.   The most expensive cut crystal tableware such as stemware, bowls, decanters, plates, etc. are completely hand-crafted, free-blown by experienced craftspeople.   Once shaped, Master glass artisans use diamond-edged wheels to cut the various patterns and designs into each piece.  Waterford and Stuart are examples of completely hand-made crystal objects and are reflected in the pricing.

Fine free-blown crystal can also be wafer-thin with little or no pattern.  Some of the Orrefors crystal from Sweden is an example.  Most crystal today is leaded glass poured and pressed into pre-patterned molds.  Some mold patterns are intricate enough to look hand cut but a good eye can tell the difference.   We have identifed good quality "pressed" crystal on our site.

Most high-end crystal has been signed by the Manufacturer but not all name-brand crystal are marked.  Considerable research is needed to identify some of the older outdated crystal and some simply cannot be identified due to lack of company pattern records.   

The Glass Menagerie carries a selection of Quality Crystal items for both table use or display.  All our crystal has been pre-owned but all pieces are in pristine or almost new condition.  We have included all the information available for each item.  

Caring for good crystal is simple.  Hand wash only in regular liquid dish detergent.  Rinse under hot water and air dry.  Never put your crystal in the dishwasher.  The sandblasting action of every dishwasher on the market will eventually permanently etch your crystal removing the beauty and the value.  For fine chips on stemware, there are companies who specialize in re-grinding the rims of glasses and goblets.  Check your local market.  Above all, you should use your crystal regularly and enjoy it. 


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