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All items are previously owned and sold as-is, however, all items are well described, packed and shipped with care to arrive in the condition they left in.  We offer items of quality and in collectible condition.  Any imperfections or wear signs are noted so there are no surprises.  Because some items are more in demand than others, prices are subject to change at any time. 

We ship world-wide within 4 days of receipt of payment.  Shipping is via regular Parcel Post.   We have Express and Courier services if requested and all costs for shipping will include insurance for loss. 

   Please note, we do not offer Appraisal or Valuation services.  Our prices are based on considerable research through current published Price Guides, the Antique and Collectibles Retail Market, Trade Shows and On-line Buyers and Sellers.   You may contact us at any time through our Email address at the bottom of the page in green.

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