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The world of Miniature Collectibles is a complex and diverse subject as there are considerable differences in what someone believes falls into the true miniature collectible category.

During the mid 19th Century, detailed miniatures were created by factories to assist the travelling salesmen.  Everything from hand-crafted furniture, cast iron cook stoves, china & glass, the ice-box, even automobiles and farm implements were used in the advertising and selling of wares across North America.

As time progressed and salesmen samples were no longer required, more modern Miniatures came to be known as those small-scale creations by factories to give evidence of the fine craftsmanship both as a useful doll-house item or toys for children, but also representing the times of old in a vintage or antique model.   This included hand-crafted furniture patterned after Chippendale and early Americana to small-scale cut crystal and molded glass sets exactly like mother's.  And of course there was fine porcelain like the Limoges hand-crafted and hand decorated detailed Miniatures.  

We hope you will find some of the Miniatures on our site just what you are collecting. 


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