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Since the 17th Century, souvenirs commemorating Royal Events have been collected.  Coronations, Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, Jubilees and other Special Events have been the subject of thousands of Memorabilia created by thousands of commercial businesses and collected by millions of Royal subjects and fans.

There is such a wide range of items, mainly conservative in nature such as China Plates, teacups, mugs, dresser boxes, figurines, spoons, pins, medallions, crystal goblets & paperweights, even jigsaw puzzles, calendars, handerchiefs, tea towels and dolls just to name a few.

There have always been avid collectors of Royal Commemorative items over the years, but no one has ever been as popular to collect as the late Princess Diana.  Her presence, brief as it seemed, made such an impact on the British Royal Collecting market, it has been difficult to maintain an interesting inventory. 

Elizabeth II, the current Queen, has always been popular and not difficult to find at reasonable prices, however, earlier Monarchs dating back to Queen Victoria, are becoming more difficult to locate.  Memorabilia prior to Queen Victoria is scarce and becoming quite  expensive when found.

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