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For over 100 years, china plates have been manufactured, collected and displayed in homes from Europe to North America.   We specialize in the subject of Discontinued Limited Edition Collector Plates.  These beautiful china plates make perfect décor items for your home or business and are the perfect gift for friends and family.  We carry quality china plates in a variety of sizes, themes and artists.
    Looking for the perfect gift for that new baby, graduation, Christmas or birthday?  Our beautiful quality china Limited Edition plates are the ideal answer. They are affordable, easily shipped and displayed everywhere.
    We sell only Retired Limited Edition collectible plates – plates that are no longer in production making them a true collectible that will retain or even gain in value.   Limited Edition plates mean they were manufactured for a short given period of time, then permanently retired from production. 
Our inventory listed below presents over 2500 Retired Limited Edition Collector Plates from Bradford Exchange, Hamilton, Knowles, W.S.George, Royal Doulton, Franklin Mint, etc. with Artists such as Walt Disney, Lena Liu, Norman Rockwell, Donald Zolan, Thomas Kinkade, Edna Hibel, Sandra Kuck, John McLelland, Kevin Daniel, Ted Xaras, even Red Skelton.  
     Browse through our extensive Collector Plates on-line catalog listed by Series Title first and individual Plate Titles second.  Customers looking to purchase our Collectible Plates can be assured our Shopping Cart Order Forms are completely secure and your personal information is used only by The Glass Menagerie.  
     At The Glass Menagerie you can expect guaranteed quality Retired Collector Plates at competitive prices, in original condition, packed and shipped with care all over the world.
     All plates have boxes and original certificates or paperwork issued at production unless otherwise noted.  As these plates are no longer in production, prices are subject to change at any time.    All shipping costs including insurance are calculated at the time of purchase and payment is easily remitted through PayPal, the Safe and Secure Online Banking program.

     Collector Plate Display Frames in hardwood, Brass Wire Hang-ups and Wood Plate Rails to show off your beautiful collection is also available.  Scroll down the Inventory by Series below and go to "PLATE RAILS." for both in-stock and Custom supply information.  Thanks for visiting the Glass Menagerie.

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