Wonderful collections of jewelry have been viewed and sought, piece by piece over the years.  The most fascinating collections today are mainly antique and vintage costume jewelry from the last 200 years - many pieces you will find on our site.    

We have mainly vintage costume jewelry for sale in our collection.   Each piece is identified as much as can be done with extensive research, maker's marks and overall designs.   Where needed, a qualified jeweler has viewed the item for authentication and value.   

Vintage Jewelry can be identified by many things - style and period of production along with designs, quality of metals and stones, unique charactaristics and general appeal.  Pieces can be simple and elegant or complex and highly detailed.  Valuation today is based on the type and quality of the stones & metals, the workmanship and quality of the settings, the maker, the age, the design, the condition and the scarcity of the piece.  

Period identification is defined by the following:  Victorian 1837-1901, Art Nouveau 1895-1914; Edwardian 1901-1910; Transitional 1910-1925; Art Deco 1910-1930; and Modern Trends 1930 - 1940.   WW II intervened and for a time, little jewelry was made followed by the period of mass produced items of the 1950's and '60's, many still collectible for their uniqueness of design and materials.   

We have separated Charms and Charm Bracelets for easier viewing.  We have added a small category of the only Halcyon Enamels we have - all long discontinued and limited to those shown.  

All pieces on our site are well described but please do not hesitate to email any questions or concerns.  We want to ensure you are satisfied with any items you purchase.  All jewelry is sold "as is" and all sales are final.