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Eggs have been are part of the Collector Market for many Centuries.  There are hundreds of different sources, styles and themes available in Egg Collectibles beginning with early Crystal Egg Paperweights, Eggs made of fine Marble, hollow-cast porcelain & ceramics, Chinese carved Cinnabar, Jade and Ivory Eggs, French Rococo & Pewter Eggs, Silver Eggs from America, beautiful hand decorated Eggs from the former Ukraine and Canada, hand-blown Glass Eggs from Venice and of course anything in the Faberge style of old Russia.

Over the years many well-known factories have been replicating some of the most beautiful Eggs of the past.  They have been produced mainly as a Reference but created with great skills and quality workmanship so as to be as authentic as possible.  This is the "Limited Edition" market.  We have a good collection of Limited Edition Eggs that were produced for one short period of time, then Retired or Discontinued forever.

The picture on the left is a House of Faberge Egg Basket of fine porcelain, completely hand-crafted.   It is For Sale and details about this item are available on our site. 

 We hope you will enjoy our collection and that you will visit often as we are always adding to our collection of Eggs.       

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